Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What was your favorite Christmas gift and why?


  1. I actually have three favorite christmas gifts because they both have speacial meanings. My first favorite gift was The Beatles Rockband thye reason its my faovorite is because there are my only 60's band I like. My other favorite gift is one my sister got me the Snuggie its like a robe and blanket all in one and the reason I like it is because its Illini themed and my family and I are big Illini fans.My last favorite gift was Van Halen Guitar Hero its like the Beatles game but this one is more intensed rock.

  2. I had a great chirstmas this year. I got a lot of wonderful gifts , I cant really tell you which gift was my favorite,I say that cause they were all useful to me. So I can not tell u which one is my favorite gift.

    Cole landsaw